Transition to a Circular economY

High quantities of valuable materials are being discarded every day and even though we already have the technology to recycle, still there is no efficient way of identifying and sorting waste streams. Our current recycling efforts do turn scrap into new materials, but these are of a lower quality than the input. We cannot use these secondary raw materials for the same purposes as the original. More importantly, in the long run we simply cannot continue the way we, as a society, have been producing our goods and services. What we need is to move from the linear system towards a circular one. Meaning that we maintain, repair, refurbish and in the end recycle products so that the materials that are used to produce these products would stay in the loop.

Our Mission and Vision


Making transparency and communication in circular value chains possible by utilising blockchain and zero-knowledge proof.


It is our goal to overcome the communication barrier that is limiting current and future progress towards a sustainable economic model: the circular economy.

What we DO

In essence we are developing a blockchain‑based communication protocol called “smart questioning” to promote value chain transparency without public disclosure of datasets or supply chain partners.




Mesbah Sabur Circularise.jpeg


Founder - The idea for Circularise was born during Mesbah’s Master research in Industrial Design Engineering at the Delft University of Technology. Passionate about circular economy and entrepreneurship, Mesbah educated himself in JavaScript to kickstart Circularise.

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Jordi de Vos Circularise.jpeg

Jordi de Vos

Founder - Jordi is an early blockchain aficionado with a business background, "temporarily" trading his MBA for real entrepreneurial experience. He starts his days by checking the latest news and FUD and has been a tireless entrepreneur since his first year of Bachelor studies when he met Mesbah.


Arvind Jagesser Circularise.jpeg


CTO - Arvind co-founded Milvum (a digital transformation lab) in 2012 and joined Circularise as CTO in 2017. He is an advocate for the AI and blockchain technologies, making use of them with his teams at Milvum. In 2017, they were awarded a prize in the Dutch Blockchain hackathon.


Brian Smits Circularise.jpeg

Brian Smits

Technical Account Manager - With over 8 years of experience in sales, finance and recruitment, Brian is merging all this experience in his role of Technical Account Manager at Circularise. His business instinct helped him understand the importance and future of a circular economy.



Teresa oberhauser

Project Manager - Teresa got her Master's degree in Public Policy and Management with a focus on European/ International Relations and Environmental Politics. She gathered experience in international politics very early working on large-scale project management within United Nations/ European and national public institutions and working on research within one of Germany's leading think tanks for International Politics. Her love for international interdisciplinary projects also lead to her voluntary work in sustainability projects, and her enthusiasm about learning languages makes her aim for fluency in her 6th language.


Igor Konstantinov Circularise.jpeg

Igor konstantinov

Growth Manager - Combining his degrees in industrial engineering and strategic management with experience in marketing, outreach and stakeholder management, Igor joined our team in the role of a Growth Manager. In addition to being passionate about blockchain and all things tech, he is also a huge foodie and sport addict.

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Jelle Licht

Developer - Jelle, straight from the Delft University of Technology, is a free software hacker and coffee devotee. He loves breaking and subsequently trying to fix his own gadgets. Is not on friendly terms with the office printer, but he is definitely a passionate developer.

-Tim de Jong.jpeg

Tim de Jong

Developer - Tim is a game and media expert with roots in the universities of Utrecht and Delft. He found himself with an aptitude and passion for all things blockchain. As a true table tennis fanatic, he does not let up on people. Always concerned with the little details, Tim drives others and himself to always bring their A-game.

-Kaj Oudshoorn.jpeg

Kaj Oudshoorn

Developer - Kaj is a result-oriented researcher from the Delft University of Technology. He is a developer who can usually be found in a variety of positions that would make a contortionist blush. He enjoys finding practical applications of cutting-edge theory and technology, and never goes anywhere without his trusty notebook.

Jip Friesen Circularise.jpeg

Jip Friesen

Regional Representative - Asia - Jip is a passionate linguist and globetrotter, who has lived in China for the past few years. After living in the ancient capital Xi'an and in Xianyang, he is now located in Jinan, China. He has had a fair taste of air pollution, therefore he is eager to make the world greener.


Siebren Hoekstra Circularise.jpeg

Siebren Hoekstra

Legal Researcher - Siebren is working on a research focused on the Dutch cryptocurrency market legislation. He seeks to understand the legal differences between an ICO and an IPO, and how regulation can protect but still foster innovation. With this research, he will graduate from Erasmus School of Law, Rotterdam.





David Peck Circularise.jpeg

David Peck

A Senior Research Fellow with TU Delft and also a Visiting Professor at Coventry University and Adjunct Professor at MIP Politecnico di Milano, David also manages projects with the EU EIT Raw Materials and H2020, such as ProSUM project. He has a focus on the circular economy, critical materials and circular built environment, and has published more than a dozen academic articles about circular economy and critical materials. 

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Pascal Leroy Circularise.jpeg

Pascal Leroy

Secretary General of the WEEE Forum, Pascal has been involved in e-waste matters since 2000 when the European Commission proposed its WEEE legislation. Also a member of the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials, he has run or been involved in various EU projects that support the advance of the circular economy, interactions among parties in the value chain, and optimal collection and recovery of materials from e-waste.

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Tom in het Veld Circularise.jpeg

Tom in het Veld

Senior Vice President Business Development at iQor, Tom spent 25 years solving complex issues for global brands. He solved these problems through support of Product Repair Services and Customer Interaction. Tom believes that data analytics will enable further efficiencies in the reverse supply chain, accompanied by the highest customer experience and effective cost of service.