Welcoming Brian Smits to Circularise Team


Today we are welcoming aboard the newest member of our team, Brian Smits. With over 8 years of experience in sales, finance and recruitment, Brian is merging all this experience in his role of Technical Account Manager at Circularise. In this role he will oversee and address our customers’ technical needs, provide accurate service ensuring customer satisfaction.

His business instinct helped him understand the importance of a circular economy, and now he is a true advocate for this cause. Brian says that “What we need is to move from the linear system towards a circular one. Meaning that we maintain, repair, refurbish and in the end recycle products so that the materials that are used to produce these products would stay in the loop... [As parents] We can do so much more to improve our way of life while protecting the earth and I invite you all on this journey. I believe it to be our responsibility to have kids (and the kids of the future), like my son, grow up in a happy, safe and healthy environment.”