David Peck joins Circularise as board advisor

“I feel that 2018 is indeed starting,” said David Peck, Senior Research Fellow at Delft University of Technology, after he signed the official documents to be Circularise’s board advisor in early January.

Right after we moved into our new office space at Yes!Delft, David Peck visited us to make his support official. We took advantage of his visit and asked him a few questions. Read below why he supports Circularise and what he thinks about the future of the circular economy (CE).

David Peck with the founders of Circularise, Jordi de Vos (left) and Mesbah Sabur (right).

David Peck with the founders of Circularise, Jordi de Vos (left) and Mesbah Sabur (right).

Can you introduce yourself in a few sentences?

As a TU Delft Senior Research Fellow, I research and teach in the field of circular built environment and critical materials. I work in the faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, Department Architectural Engineering and Technology. My research objective is the development of a knowledge framework for a circular materials economy, that enables the circular design of future cities and buildings.

I am also a visiting Professor at Coventry University and an adjunct Professor at MIP Politecnico di Milano, Graduate School of Business, both roles on circular cities and critical materials. I am the TU Delft lead to achieve ‘the pioneer university’ status with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation for a circular economy. I am the TU Delft lead researcher for a Horizons 2020 project, ProSUM — Prospecting Secondary raw materials (Critical Materials) in the Urban Mine and mining waste and the recently completed H2020 project, ERN — European Remanufacturing Network. I am the TU Delft representative for the EU KIC EIT Raw Materials (sustainable exploration, extraction, processing, recycling, and substitution). I lead a number of projects in this 2bn euro programme that has a focus on circular economy and materials.

Not least, I am now an advisor to Circularise.


How did you first get in contact with Circularise?

I had the honour of supervising one of the founders of Circularise, Mesbah, during his TU Delft Masters graduation project (Labelling Electronics to Improve E-Waste Recycling (An Entrepreneurial Approach). I supported him with understanding critical materials and he brought his knowledge and passion on the business startup. He also introduced me to Jordi — Circularise’s co-founder. I have had the pleasure supporting Circularise ever since.


What triggered you to join Circularise as an advisor?

As I mentioned earlier, I was supporting Circularise informally and in 2017 Jordi and Mesbah invited me to formalise my support and make me an advisor. For me, this did not need any time to consider and my answer was ‘yes!’ straight away. I see Circularise as a ‘going places company’ — right ideas and approach at the right time. But that is not the big thing — it is the people in the company — the passion and drive — which excites me most.


What do you believe is the impact of Circularise for the transition towards the circular economy (CE)?

The transition to a CE is complex and challenging. The core of a CE is materials, and sharing data on these materials is a real barrier. Circularise has come up with an innovative approach to unlock this barrier and therefore help accelerate our transition to a global circular economy.



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