Attending LAUNCH Circular Forum 2018

Written by Mesbah Sabur | Circularise co-founder

I am writing this blog shortly after the closing session of LAUNCH Circular Forum 2018 in Arkansas, USA and I am going to admit that I've found the whole LAUNCH event to be a remarkable experience - such a privilege for me and Jordi to be able to attend and connect with fellow entrepreneurs and corporates ranging from OLIO and Stuffstr to IKEA and Walmart.

When Jordi and I decided to go the forum, we didn’t know what to expect. However, the organisation showed a lot of professionalism which gave us confidence to start planning our one-week trip to Arkansas!

The level of support provided to Circularise from the moment we walked in was astonishing. In the first two days, LAUNCH organisers worked with us on improving our pitch and tailoring it to the audience. After that, we presented and discussed our communications protocol with around 35 industry executives, experts and government officials all ready to connect the dots between opportunity and real system impact and help Circularise to scale.

Part of the reason that circular economy is gaining momentum in recent years is due to events like this. At LAUNCH, I know that public and private sector leaders see the shift towards a more sustainable economic model as a (business) opportunity instead of an obligation. They all understand that current industrial systems were designed at a time when industry had a narrow focus on productivity and profit and resources seemed infinite. However, times have changed.

Don’t get me wrong, tackling complex global challenges is hard, but I believe that with creativity, innovation and by working together we have a real chance to drastically redesign our future.