Circularise featured in Circular Bytes casebook

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We were recently honoured to be featured in a Circular Bytes casebook. We deeply appreciate the recognition.

This Circular Bytes casebook 'This is how the digital circular economy works' starts from concrete questions and the practical experiences of technology companies:

  • What are successful strategies for circular enterprise?

  • What information about products can support these strategies? Where do you find the necessary data? And how smart or connected should products be to collect the necessary data?

  • How do you translate the collected, raw data into data-driven decisions that support your circular solution?

  • How do you build up the circular, digitally supported business strategy step by step?

This casebook is the result of the project that Agoria, Sirris, imec and Go4Circle undertook in 2017-2018 with the support of Vlaanderen Circulair. The casebook talk of the importance of transition from linear to circular economy practices. It also contains various practical examples with multiple cases discussed in detail in Chapter 5. Find a chapter about Circularise on pages 46-49.

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