Software Engineer (Back-end)

The Hague, Netherlands | Semi-remote
Full time
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About the job

We are looking for an experienced back-end software engineer with an affinity for DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) to join our engineering team. In this role, you will be responsible for analysing requirements, writing and testing scalable code, developing back-end components, designing blockchain technology and integrating user-facing elements in collaboration with the front-end developers.

Company description
We created Circularise to enable a circular economy on a global scale through better traceability and transparency across complex supply chains.

Circularise’s Software system helps suppliers in chemicals, plastics, battery materials, metals, and other industries to trace materials and share their environmental footprint without risking their sensitive data.

By extension, it helps brands and OEMs to monitor their supply chains, get visibility into their own Scope 3 emissions, comply with upcoming due diligence regulations, and implement the circular economy in their operations.
To learn more about Circularise, check out our
  • A competitive salary
  • 25 days of paid time off
  • Travel allowance
  • Semi-remote, work from home policy
  • Flexible working hours
  • Annual company holiday
  • Be part of a new industry standard
  • Be part of a tech good company

  • Work towards a production ready system for a large number of clients.
  • A transparent industry protocol while still maintaining strong privacy and security features (for us, but also our clients).
  • Make use of exciting new tech and their caveats: decentralisation, public blockchains, Zero Knowledge Proof (and at a later stage big data analytics).
  • Building and running SaaS that is served in multiple regions across the world.
  • Meeting demands and requirements of various industry clients (e.g. audits).

  • Bachelor or Master’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or related field.
  • Several years of experience as a back-end software engineer.
  • Experience in Python (3+, asyncio, typing) or similar web development languages.
  • Experience in developing API’s, web services, microservices.
  • Ability to collaborate on projects and work independently when required.

Bonus experience
  • Experience in building scalable systems.
  • Various DLT experiences (Ethereum Solidity, HyperLedger).
  • Experience in following principles: distributed event streaming, on-premise solutions, peer-to-peer transports and/or security focussed infrastructure. 
  • Experience in applying cryptographic solutions (Key derivation, Elliptic Curve, Diffie Hellman, ZKP).
  • Experience in Rust or similar.
  • Familiar with security audits.
  • Automation/DevOps affinity and/or experience (Gitlab CI, docker, k8s, AWS).

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