Transparency and traceability
for a circular economy

Circularity, transparency and traceability tools to achieve your sustainability goals.

We work with industry leading corporates, governments, start-ups and research institutes to bring transparency and trusted data sharing to global supply chains.



Circularise is an open protocol for a decentralised network that brings transparency to global supply chains and empowers businesses to take steps towards a circular economy.

We enable brands, suppliers, and manufacturers to choose sustainable and circular materials and present information about products and their supply chains in a transparent way without risking privacy.



Supply chain integrity

Product traceability and provenance in different industries, including plastics, textile, metals, automotive, electronics and more.

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Enable validation of your sustainability claims through standards and certifications.

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New plastic industry consortium to move towards a circular economy

Making the plastics supply chain more fair, transparent and profitable. 

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The open, distributed and secure communications protocol for transparency in supply chains. Making transparency and communication in value chains possible by utilising blockchain and zero knowledge.

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