Aware Solutions, Circularise and Tailorlux announce a partnership providing a fully traceable recycled cotton by interconnecting blockchain with smart sensor technology

The Aware® Solutions, a new generation recycled cotton yarn, Circularise and Tailorlux are proud to announce a partnership that through the integration of blockchain and smart sensor technology brings the first fully traceable recycled cotton to the market.

The problem with recycled cotton is that it’s impossible to tell the difference between the recycled product and the conventional equivalent. The solution developed through this partnership has overcome this problem by introducing a simple but unique and cost-effective 3-steps recycled content traceability system: Certification, Identification and Verification.

Certified remnants obtained by the production of garments are recovered and transformed into new cotton yarn. During this process, recycled cotton yarn is identified with a unique Tailorlux tracer ID (fingerprint). On top, major supply chain steps during production of the final products, are verified through a blockchain system developed by Circularise, making this the first ready-to-use blockchain solution for the fashion industry.

Proof of integrity of sustainable materials is crucial. Alex Deitermann, CEO of Tailorlux explains: “We developed a tracer technology that is mechanically readable in the field and does not need a lab or third parties to conduct tests”.

“By moving sustainability claims onto an immutable ledger, blockchain technology can help eliminate common sources of fraud in the textile industry.” says Mesbah Sabur, co-founder of Circularise.

The introduction is very successful so far. “Major industry players have already started using the Aware® Solutions as legitimate solution to execute their sustainability goals”, according to Feico van der Veen, CEO of ITC, and founder of the Aware® Solutions. “There is a huge demand for traceable sustainable yarn combined with a trustworthy independent validation system from the market”, he continued. “We understand sustainability goals and compliance combined with commercial performance”.

The integration of blockchain and smart sensor technology developed by Tailorlux and Circularise, is part of the Aware ® Solutions product line. Aware fully traceable recycled cotton yarn is now available on the market. It is available for purchase from Aware® Solutions.

For more information about Aware® Solutions please visit, visit for more information about Circularise, and visit to learn about Tailorlux.

About Aware ® Solutions

Aware® Solutions provides complete on-trend collections fashion accessories made of sustainable materials. It has a proven technology, supply chain, pricing, and market demand for its yarns and finished goods enabling the textile industry to lower its environmental impact in a meaningful and verifiable way.

Aware® rCotton is recycled and spun in the same country of cotton scrap collection. No additional waste of energy and CO2 caused by additional transportation. Using Aware® rCotton means no need using virgin cotton. The reuse of cotton waste conserves natural resources and reduces additional pollution and waste disposal. This means NO additional use of Water and NO additional use of Pesticides. Aware© rCotton is a CLASS-A fibre. Class A fibres are most sustainable fibres in the world. Compared to virgin cotton or BCI cotton or even organic cotton, using Aware® rCotton saves an incredible amount of water and energy.

About Circularise

Circularise is an innovative company from the Netherlands, offering a blockchain-based transparency solution to provide absolute proof for circular economy, sustainability and recycling practices. Circularise is dedicated to promoting value chain transparency without public disclosure of datasets or supply chain partners. Circularise’s solution allows parties in the value chain to increase trust in each other, increase transparency and allow them to communicate data that wasn't accessible before, leading to an uptake of recycling, reusing and repurposing practices on a massive scale.

About Tailorlux

Tailorlux offers authenticity and traceability solutions based on customized luminescence emissions. This optical fingerprint has a proven track of more than 1.200 secured product lines. The interdisciplinary know-how of luminescence material, sensor technology and product security makes Tailorlux an innovative solution provider for transparency in value chains from automotive to luxury and textile industry branches.