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Have trustworthy data about material, product and supply chain metrics at hand. Ensure compliance with regulations and avoid manual processes using digital product passports.
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Why Circularise DPP

Unlock your supply chain data with a scalable Digital Product Passport software solution

Gain visibility into your supply chain
Get access to primary data of every tier of your supply chain.  Increase your customers' trust with reliable insights and verified sustainability claims backed by audits and certifications traced on blockchain.
Grow your revenue
Gain a competitive advantage by being a front-runner in sustainability. Unlock new revenue streams by charging a premium for your sustainable products. Easily identify cost saving opportunities in the value chain.
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Visual for compliance with regulations
Ensure compliance with regulations and standards
Have a detailed record of your product's origin, material composition, LCA data and environmental data whenever you need it. Avoid potential fines and penalties by proving your sustainability efforts.

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Why Circularise?

Highest level of data privacy
Use our patent-pending Smart Questioning technology to selectively share data with the highest level of privacy and confidentiality. You decide what to share, and with whom.
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Blockchain technology for increased data security and reliability  
Use blockchain to build trust and confidence in your data. Ensure the safety and reliability of products and protect yourself against fraud and human errors.
Interoperable with your ERP at the core
Connect your ERP to our API and seamlessly manage your data to remove manual processes. Our  Digital Product Passport platform is open, interoperable and build to maximise the value of your supply chain data in collaboration with suppliers and customers.
Case study

Achieving visibility into the Porsche supply chain

Supply chain transparency is key to ensuring sustainable transformation. Learn how Circularise worked with the Porsche supply chain to achieve visibility into this complex system while protecting all parties' proprietary information.  
Circularise X Porsche app
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