Take control of your supply chain with digital product passports

Have trustworthy data about material, product, and supply chain metrics at hand. Ensure compliance with regulations and streamline data communication using digital product passports.
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Circularise Digital Product Passport software platform
Blockchain-powered transparency

Unlock your supply chain data with a scalable digital product passport
software solution


Have a detailed record of your product's origin, material composition, LCA data and environmental data whenever you need it. Avoid potential fines and penalties by backing your sustainability efforts with trusted data.


Get access to primary data of every tier of your supply chain. Increase your customers' trust with reliable insights backed by audits and certifications traced on blockchain.


Today, companies rely heavily on averaged secondary data to perform Life Cycle and Product Carbon Footprint calculations, leading to inaccurate sustainability claims. The Circularise platform allows you to efficiently collect primary data across the supply chain to understand the true impact of your operation.

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What are they?

Digital product passports for a circular economy

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How it works

What using Circularise Digital Product Passports looks like

The current methods of sharing information on the sourcing and impact of materials are inefficient and unreliable. But now there is a better way of doing things.

How to collect information for digital product passports from across the value chain
Primary Data
Add primary data

Each actor in the supply chain adds information relevant to their product and operations impact.

Include verification

Auditors provide proof of compliance with standards, regulations, and certification schemes.

Send DPPs to your customers

The digital product passports move with the physical material through the supply chain, being updated at each step.

Make verifiable claims

A complete set of product information is compiled, providing accurate insight into your products' environmental impact based on validated data.

Experience unprecedented
transparency in industrial supply chains

Bring traceability to the automotive sector

  • Track scope 3 emissions
  • Reduce risks and improve quality control
  • Use blockchain for a scalable battery passports system
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automotive sector

Ensure compliance with the battery passport regulations

  • Bundle all your regulatory reporting
  • Integrate with your ERP
  • Track your battery lifecycle
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Material passports for your digital building logbook

  • Assess building material composition and impact
  • Link BIM files to your digital logbook
  • Increase transparency in your procurement process
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Understand your entire product lifecycle

  • Back sustainability claims with trusted data
  • Gather data for LCA and PCF assessments
  • Build take-back schemes to reduce e-waste
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circuit board

Increase transparency in your material provenance

  • Use data to meet regulatory requirements
  • Selectively share information with your customers
  • Deliver data with confidence and privacy
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Deliver data with confidence and privacy

  • Use data to meet regulatory requirements
  • Streamline communication of your material data
  • Automate mass balance reporting and compliance
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Why Circularise

A privacy-first approach to supply chain transparency

We bring together everything that's required to build transparent and sustainable supply chains. Circularise's products are designed with data privacy at the core for suppliers, manufacturers, OEMs, brands, recyclers and everyone in between. We help companies to gain visibility in their supply chains backed by trustworthy data.

data sharing

Be in full control of which data you want to share to comply with customer and regulatory requirements while keeping sensitive information private. With Circularise, you can be confident in the security of your data.

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Use our API to integrate digital product passports with your organisation’s ERP (e.g. SAP). Setup a scalable system from day one.

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Embrace an open and interoperable approach to build scalable digital product passports from day one. Team up with Circularise to eliminate data silos, seamlessly linking data across complex supply chains.

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Secondary data for Life Cycle Assessments leads to inaccurate sustainability claims. The Circularise platform allows you to collect primary data beyond tier 1 suppliers for accurate LCA calculations.

Supply chain actors

Digital product passports for across the supply chain

Share data with confidence and privacy to meet customer and regulatory requirements.
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Use reliable data to boost the credibility of your sustainability claims.
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brand and oems
Brands & OEMs
Achieve visibility beyond tier 1 to achieve your vision of a transparent and sustainable operation.
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Case study

Achieving visibility into the Porsche supply chain


Environmental, social, and due diligence requirements are mounting, but achieving this is impossible with an opaque supply chain. The scale and complexity of automotive supply chains creates a sizeable challenge, and data privacy requirements makes data collection a delicate matter.


Porsche was able to gather more information directly from their suppliers for a variety of different parts while alleviating privacy concerns using our selective data sharing technology. This allowed Porsche to better understand where parts come from, what's their environmental impact, and how to most efficiently process end-of-life vehicles.

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