Metals traceability with digital product passports

Use Circularise's blockchain-based Digital Product Passports to trace metals and capture their true carbon footprint. Selectively share this data with customers and regulators to achieve your vision of a sustainable and compliant metals industry.
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Tracking the true carbon footprint of metals like iron, steel, and aluminium
Safest way to share your data

Powerful blockchain software for supply chain transparency

Partner with Circularise to improve data sharing and collaboration among stakeholders, including suppliers, processors, manufacturers, and regulators.

Regulatory compliance

Work with Circularise to facilitate compliance with regulations related to responsible sourcing, conflict minerals, and environmental standards, ensuring all parties involved adhere to these requirements. Transparent, trustable records on blockchain improve the ability to audit and verify compliance.

Chain of custody oversight

Use Circularise's digital product passports trace materials back to their original source, assess recycled content, guarantee the responsible sourcing of metals, and adhere to ethical standards.

Accurate carbon accounting

Calculate the true CO2 footprint and track energy sources of your metals using primary data directly from suppliers, not just estimate figures from databases.

Reliable data sharing

Use immutable digital product passports to accompany materials throughout their lifecycle, ensuring secure and tamper-proof information transfer. Leverage these digital records to selectively share crucial details on alloy properties, quality, and certifications within the value chain.

Example of a digital product passport for metals like aluminium, steel, and REE

Building blocks
for supply chain transparency

Product carbon Footprint
Product carbon footprint

Implement Life Cycle Assessment and Product Carbon Footprinting for sustainable business practices.

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Use Circularise's intuitive APIs to integrate with your ERP and data storage systems to push data to digital product passports.

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Product Lifecycle visibility
Product lifecycle visibility

Obtain clear insights into the custody and material composition as they progress through multiple usage cycles.

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Built for every supply chain actor

Control your data sharing

  • Deliver data with confidence and privacy
  • Automate mass balance reporting and compliance
  • Integrate with your ERP and customer facing systems
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Streamline communication of your product data

  • Selectively share information with your customers
  • Trace material origins and sourcing from your suppliers
  • Automate mass balance reporting and compliance
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Understand your entire product lifecycle

  • Reduce quality and compliance risks
  • Access your scope 3 emissions
  • Meet regulatory requirements
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Cicularise warehouse
Case study

Circular System for Assessing Rare Earth Sustainability


Rare earth elements (REE) are critical for green technologies, but there is no standard for assessing sustainability across their value chain. To address this, industry-wide sustainability criteria and certification schemes are needed, requiring increased transparency and traceability within REE value chains.


The CSyARES project aims to standardise sustainability certification for rare earth elements, enhance data transfer in supply chains, and offer affordable, confidential certifications for suppliers, enabling companies to assess their environmental impact.

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