Traceability of biofuels for ISCC EU compliance

With Circularise's MassBalancer software, you can effortlessly keep track of all your important administrative records, making sure you're fully compliant with ISCC EU regulations. Digitise your mass balance records for a more scalable, reliable, and traceable system.
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Example of a digital product passport for a car
Digitised mass balance record keeping

Create a reliable ISCC EU information management system

Inadequate information management systems are the most common non-conformity issue during ISCC certification audits. Implement MassBalancer, a user-friendly software tool specifically designed to help you manage your ISCC EU mass balance records.

Import and generate your PoS

Manage your incoming and outgoing PoS and supporting documents for all of your sites from one dashboard. MassBalancer then updates all appropriate material balances, ensuring accurate record keeping for your quarterly audits.

One-click ISCC EU audit reports

Create quarterly reports with all supporting documents included for ISCC EU audits with the click of a button. 

Reliable material traceability for your customers  

Give your customers and auditors assurance regarding material sourcing and chain of custody. Our digitised certificate management system prevents double spending and ensures the information trail is traceable.

Minimise human error and non-conformity risk

Establish bespoke workflow automations to carry out repetitive tasks with software specifically created and regularly updated based on ISCC EU guidelines.

Tracing the materials and chain of custody of a whole car

Powerful building blocks
for supply chain transparency

Life cycle
PoS creation and handling 

Generate sustainability declarations linked to orders and automatically update material balances, without the risk of double spending.

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Process automation

Create custom automated workflows for repeatable processes in your mass balance record keeping system.

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Use our API to integrate and automate mass balance bookkeeping with your organisation’s ERP or data lake. Set up a scalable system from day one.

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Supply chain actors

Built with the entire supply chain in mind

Materials Supply
Biomass processing
Ensure your sustainable material claims are used correctly downstream.
Fuel and chemical production
Setup automatic process operations and minimise complexity.
Brand and Oems
Blending and trading
Achieve visibility beyond tier 1 to make sustainability claims with confidence.
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