Battery passports for verifiable traceability

Leverage Circularise's Battery Passport, a powerful blockchain traceability platform, to drive sustainable, responsible, and circular battery value chains.
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Tracing all the materials and chain of custody of an electric vehicle battery
Know your impact

Accurate battery carbon footprint calculation

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Meet 2025 battery carbon footprint requirements

Quickly calculate your EV batteries' carbon footprint to meet upcoming regulations and aligned with JRC standards, ensuring you're prepared for 2025.

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Primary supply chain data integration

Easily collect data across they key stages of battery production. Ensure you have the information you need for 2025 and the future performance label requirements.

Blockchain-backed data verification

Create publicly verifiable claims about your battery's carbon footprint with our blockchain-secured audit trail, ensuring data integrity and trustworthiness.

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Flexible report disclosure

Generate public summaries and detailed reports for notified bodies with our selective data sharing technology, balancing privacy with regulatory compliance.

Why do we need battery passports?

Creating a sustainable batteries industry

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As battery regulations evolve, manufacturers are now required to report on the sourcing, performance, and durability of their batteries, as well as their product carbon footprint, in accordance with JRC rules. This necessitates primary data collection from supply chains, often beyond visible tiers.

Circularise’s traceability solution facilitates this data collection, while their blockchain-based battery passport consolidates necessary reporting data, allowing for public verification and selective sharing in line with regulatory demands.

Why Circularise

Create a scalable battery passport system with Circularise

With battery passports mandating new transparency standards, our platform safeguards your proprietary data while ensuring dependable data sharing for complete peace of mind.

Ensure regulatory compliance

Report against key social and environmental performance indicators to speed up the auditing process. Share data on the battery’s carbon footprint, child labour and human rights to comply with regulations and certifications.

Exchange data with confidentiality

Effortlessly tailor data sharing to meet customer and regulatory requirements, all while safeguarding sensitive information within your value chain. Experience the perfect balance between transparency and privacy.

Extend battery lifecycles

Aggregate data on battery usage, health status, and other essential data with Circularise's battery passport to extend its lifecycle. Facilitate proper recycling and repurposing of batteries to maximise their life and cost efficiency.

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Meet safety and quality requirements

Use battery passports to efficiently gather the information to ensure that batteries meet safety and quality requirements established by regulators, manufacturers, and customers.

Responsible supply chains

Built for every member of the
battery value chain

Battery passports will be mandatory in the EU from 2027. You will be required to capture and share data on the material provenance, the battery’s chemical composition, manufacturing history, and its sustainability performance. Partner with Circularise to ensure secure and verifiable information sharing.

Miners and refiners

Provide the information your downstream customers need on carbon impact, supply chain due diligence, and recycled content while protecting your data privacy with our selective data sharing technology. Showcase your sustainability efforts by turning transparency into competitive advantage.

Cell manufacturers

Cell manufacturers can use Circularise battery passports to selectively share data, ensuring due diligence and quality control. Share cell manufacturing details and carbon footprint confidently, control data visibility, and easily comply with EU regulations. Save time on information sharing with Circularise.

Vehicle brands

Maintain publicly verifiable battery passports to showcase and ensure battery quality, meeting EU regulations. With this approach, you gain comprehensive supply chain insights and dependable material documentation, essential for credible sustainability statements and streamlined end-of-life management.

End-of-life processors

Battery processors and recyclers can access essential data for efficient dismantling, servicing, and remanufacturing, leading to more profitable operations. Learn from Audi's MaterialLoop project for insights on enhancing end-of-life vehicle processing with digital product passports.

Example of a battery passport for EU Battery Regulation compliance
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