Digital product passports for traceability in electronics

Trace electronics and appliances across the entire product lifecycle with Circularise's blockchain-powered digital product passports. Capture data directly from your suppliers and use it to make reliable sustainability claims and create new revenue streams with circular economy business models.
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Digital product passports to understand the environmental impact of appliances and electronics
Blockchain-powered transparency

Extend visibility beyond tier 1 suppliers

Without effective and reliable transfer of data that is standardised, interoperable, and auditable you can't achieve CO₂-neutrality over the product's entire life cycle. Partner with Circularise to setup a scalable digital product passport system from day one.

Accurate LCA and PCF data

Collect primary data across the supply chain for a comprehensive lifecycle and product carbon footprint analysis. Establish a trustworthy record of a product's composition and environmental impact.

Improved quality control

Assess the chain of custody of your goods, their material composition and the sourcing origins, regardless of supply chain complexity. Use this data to identify non-compliant or low-quality components for better quality control and reduce the risk of recalls.

Take-back schemes

Implement material and product take-back programs using digital product passports to generate extra revenue through service and repair models.

Reliable sustainability claims

Use blockchain-powered digital product passports to gain credibility and avoid greenwashing by making sustainability claims based on primary data and third party audits.

Example of a Philips appliance digital product passport

Powerful building blocks for supply chain transparency

Integration with your systems

Use our API to integrate and automate digital product passports and mass balance bookkeeping with your organisation’s ERP (e.g. SAP). Setup a scalable system from day one.

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Regulatory compliance

Partner with Circularise to facilitate compliance with regulations related to responsible sourcing, and environmental standards, ensuring all parties involved adhere to these requirements.

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Selective Data Sharing
Selective data sharing

Control the level of access granted to your supply chain partners for specific data points in your information. With Circularise, you can be confident in the security of your data.

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Built for every supply chain actor

Control your data sharing

  • Deliver data with confidence and privacy
  • Automate mass balance reporting and compliance
  • Integrate with your ERP and customer facing systems
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Streamline communication of your product data

  • Selectively share information with your customers
  • Trace material origins and sourcing from your suppliers
  • Automate mass balance reporting and compliance
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Understand your entire product lifecycle

  • Reduce quality and compliance risks
  • Access your scope 3 emissions
  • Meet regulatory requirements
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Cicularise warehouse
Case study

Activating circular services in the electronic sector


E-waste is rapidly increasing, necessitating a circular and resource-efficient economy for electric and electronic equipment. The C-SERVEES project, led by Circularise, improves sustainability by creating circular business models and providing traceability solutions for e-products.


Circularise developed a secure information exchange solution for the EEE supply chain, enabling traceability and improved recycling in the C-SERVEES project. The project successfully created and tested circular business models for four e-products, reducing environmental impacts and improving circularity.

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