Plastics traceability with digital product passports

Circularise's Digital Product Passport is a powerful blockchain traceability platform. It's used by plastics suppliers to collect, and aggregate data on materials and provide it to customers, auditors, and regulators, while protecting data privacy and confidentially.
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Example of a digital product passport for plastic products
Safest way to share your data

Streamline communication of your material data

Environmental, social, and due diligence legislation is getting momentum around the world. Partner with Circularise to adapt and implement your vision of sustainable, responsible, and circular plastics sector with digital product passports.

Highest-level of data privacy and confidentiality

Effortlessly share selective data on LCA, Scope 3 emissions, and other material information to fulfill customer and regulatory demands while safeguarding sensitive details. With our solution, you maintain full control over what you share and with whom.

Automate mass balance reporting and compliance

Easily send products and create ISCC PLUS sustainability declarations with just a few clicks. Connect with supply chain partners to simplify bookkeeping, standardise reporting, and accelerate auditing processes for seamless collaboration.

Improve sourcing decisions

Improve sourcing decisions with more data flowing through the supply chain while benefiting from a price premium for your sustainable materials.

Break down data silos

Without effective and reliable transfer of data that is standardised, interoperable, and auditable you can't achieve responsible and sustainable plastics value chains. Work with Circularise to ensure interoperability across different systems and industries for a more efficient and transparent supply chain.

Streamline communications

Adopt sustainability with confidence

Iscc Plus
ISCC process automation

Generate sustainability declarations linked to orders and automatically update material balances, without the risk of double spending.

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Use our API to integrate and automate digital product passports and mass balance bookkeeping with your organisation’s ERP (e.g. SAP) or data lake. Setup a scalable system from day one.

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Selective Data Sharing
Selective data sharing

Control the level of access granted to your supply chain partners for specific data points in your information. With Circularise, you can be confident in the security of your data.

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Built for every supply chain actor

Control your data sharing

  • Deliver data with confidence and privacy
  • Automate mass balance reporting and compliance
  • Integrate with your ERP and customer facing systems
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Streamline communication of your product data

  • Selectively share information with your customers
  • Trace material origins and sourcing from your suppliers
  • Automate mass balance reporting and compliance
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Understand your entire product lifecycle

  • Reduce quality and compliance risks
  • Access your scope 3 emissions
  • Meet regulatory requirements
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Cicularise warehouse
Case study

Digitising the ISCC PLUS mass balance certification


The ISCC PLUS scheme provides a reliable assurance of recycled and bio-based materials. But the administrative processes that come with the certification are time consuming and risk human-error.


By digitising the mass balance bookkeeping process, supply chain actors can automate these manual processes and prevent the risk of over-allocation. Digitisation also provides greater material traceability while also strengthening the reliability of the certification.

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