Bringing transparency to global supply chains

Through a decentralised approach we combine transparency and secured privacy to enable the industry to make valid claims about sustainability. We do not feel that anyone should be the central authority of new transparent and circular supply chains, that’s why we accelerate the transition towards a Circular Economy using an Open Protocol approach.


of companies take sustainability criteria into account in purchasing decisions
Source: HEC Sustainable


Sustainable supply chain practices can reduce costs linked to supply chain by 9-16%.
Source: World Economic Forum


Of the studies on the cost of capital show that sound sustainability standards lower the cost of capital for companies.
Source: Oxford/Arabesque


Of consumers are more likely to buy from a company with a reputation for sustainability than from a neutral company.
Source: Sustainable Brands

Our team

Portrait Mesbah Sabur
Mesbah Sabur
Founder - The idea for Circularise was born during Mesbah’s Master research in Industrial Design Engineering at Delft University of Technology. Passionate about circular economy and entrepreneurship, Mesbah educated himself in JavaScript to kickstart Circularise.
Portrait Jordi de Vos
Jordi de Vos
Founder - Jordi is an early blockchain aficionado with a business background, "temporarily" trading his MBA for real entrepreneurial experience. He starts his days by checking the latest news and FUD and has been a tireless entrepreneur since his first year of Bachelor studies when he met Mesbah.
Portrait Kilian Marjew
Kilian Marjew
CTO - Kilian’s appointment as CTO of Circularise reflects the strategic and analytical strengths he’s brought to Hyves, Tiqets, Blockport and finally to BUX over the span of his career. With over 10 years of experience including team-lead, architecture, data and blockchain integrations, and governance we want Kilian to take more of this work and build the best in class development team and bring our product to the next stage.
Portrait Phil Brown
Dr. Phil Brown
VP Business Development & Strategy - Phil Brown completed his PhD at the TU Delft Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering where he focused on the design of tools and methods to facilitate collaborative circular oriented innovation. Whilst, at TU Delft Phil, co-founded Circular Strategies to work directly with companies and to promote the practice-based tools developed. Phil has 10 + years of experience across business development, consultancy, and project management for sustainability and circular economy innovation projects and services. As VP Business Development & Strategy at Circularise he supports the integration of circular innovation strategies with our partners, advance our software service and help to translate blockchain capabilities and functionality of the Circularise system into decision-making processes.
Portrait Brian Smits
Brian Smits
Business Development Manager - With over 8 years of experience in sales, finance and recruitment, Brian is merging all this experience in his role of Business Development Manager at Circularise. His business instinct helped him understand the importance and future of a circular economy.
Portrait Igor Konstantinov
Igor Konstantinov
Marketing & Business Development - Combining his degrees in industrial engineering and strategic management with experience in marketing, outreach and stakeholder management, Igor joined our team to grow the company and bring it to the commercial stage.
Portrait Teresa Oberhausen
Teresa Oberhauser
EU Project Lead - Teresa got her Master's degree in Public Policy and Management with a focus on European/ International Relations and Environmental Politics. She gathered experience in international politics very early working on large-scale project management within United Nations/ European and national public institutions and working on research within one of Germany's leading think tanks for International Politics. Her love for international interdisciplinary projects also lead to her voluntary work in sustainability projects, and her enthusiasm about learning languages makes her aim for fluency in her 6th language.
Etsuko Kanateka Portrait
Etsuko Kanetaka
Regional representative (Japan) - With her VC/finance and global tech startup background, Etsuko shifted her focus to blockchain related projects, supporting inbound and outbound business in Japan. Currently represents Circularise in the Japanese market with success.
Portrait Sharvan Debi-Tarwan
Sharvan Debi-Tewari
Software Engineer - Sharvan is a developer with expertise in cloud computing, mobile app development, web development and Python. Coming from a traineeship at a tech start-up where he focused on developing APIs, he expanded his expertise in several ways and ended up taking on several projects as a freelancer, most of them aimed at the automation of processes.
Portrait Adrien Rahier
Adrien Rahier
Frontend Developer - Adrien is an experienced front-end software engineer with coding experience of creating media apps for clients such as Disney, L’Oréal and Orange, as well as A/B testing expertise to help embed this discipline into products and support data-driven decision-making at the BBC. Aside from working on projects for large enterprises, Adrien excelled as a full remote freelancer working across a wide range of business demographics ranging from fast-growing startups to web agencies.
Portrait Loes Börger
Loes Börger
UX/UI Designer - Loes is a strong creative and designer with an aesthetic approach involving intuitive design as a method for improving the connections between people and the products they use. With BSc is Sociology and product manager work experience she masterfully blends the understanding of human behaviour with a structured approach to create meaningful designs that solve real life problems.
Portrait Iskren Ivanov
Iskren Ivanov
Frontend Developer - Iskren is a solutions-oriented software engineer who likes to find creative solutions in complicated problems of any scope. Passioned about data and UI/UX. With 4 years of experience as a Front End Developer from mature large corporate projects to Greenfield and POC projects. Iskren joined Circularise to contribute to the development of scalable and interactive User Interface.
Rudi Araújo
Software Engineer- Rudi is a software engineer with experience in a wide range of areas, from staff scheduling decision support systems to massive scale email marketing and Machine Learning-based recommendation systems. With a passion for building robust, extensible, scalable, and high quality software, he has led several high impact development projects. Looking for positive and meaningful impact in society, Rudi joined Circularise to help leverage the infrastructure to large-scale production standards.
Alejandro Aristi
Business Developer - With 10 years of experience in the advertising and IT industries, Alejandro is a business and product developer passionate about the intersection between innovation, technology, and sustainability. He recently graduated with an M.Sc. in Innovation & Global Sustainable Development and joins Circularise to support its overseas expansion and scaling.

Advisory board

David Peck Portrait
David Peck
A Senior Research Fellow with TU Delft and also a Visiting Professor at Coventry University and Adjunct Professor at MIP Politecnico di Milano, David also manages projects with the EU EIT Raw Materials and H2020, such as ProSUM project. He has a focus on the circular economy, critical materials and circular built environment, and has published more than a dozen academic articles about circular economy and critical materials.
Tom in het Veld Portrait
Tom in het Veld
Senior Vice President Business Development at iQor, Tom spent 25 years solving complex issues for global brands. He solved these problems through support of Product Repair Services and Customer Interaction. Tom believes that data analytics will enable further efficiencies in the reverse supply chain, accompanied by the highest customer experience and effective cost of service.
Portrait Pascal Leroy
Pascal Leroy
Secretary General of the WEEE Forum, Pascal has been involved in e-waste matters since 2000 when the European Commission proposed its WEEE legislation. Also a member of the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials, he has run or been involved in various EU projects that support the advance of the circular economy, interactions among parties in the value chain, and optimal collection and recovery of materials from e-waste.

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Circularise’s mission is to accelerate world’s transition to a circular economy. We are disrupting an industry by changing how companies trace their products and materials and share information about them, enabling sustainable practices on an unprecedented level.
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