Traceable supply chains for a circular economy

Circularise is a supply chain transparency start-up based in The Netherlands. We help companies to trace materials and products and verify the origins, certificates, CO2 footprint and other material data on blockchain. With this we want to enable a circular economy.


Founding year

SDGs 9 & 12

We support Sustainable Development Goals


Active in over 10 countries

Our story

How we got here

We are Mesbah and Jordi, the co-founders of Circularise.

We started Circularise in 2016 after visiting a number of recyclers in the Netherlands. Before that we didn’t know that while products are sent to recycling plants, many of them still end up in landfills.

The reason is simple - recyclers don’t know what’s inside all these products. What materials have been used, what is their origin, are they hazardous? All these questions were left unanswered and that’s why we started Circularise - to become the information bridge for a circular economy.

With Circularise we strive to improve transparency and traceability across complex supply chains and enable a shift to a circular economy.


Circularise is founded


First employee & office


Whitepaper published,
getting known in the industry


Landed two big commercial clients in the plastic industry


Successful project with Porsche


Circularise Today: Scaling in the Plastics Sector

About Circularise

End-to-end Supply Chain Traceability holds the key to overcoming major challenges that society faces in the areas of Circular Economy, Environmental Pollution, Carbon Emissions.

But the race to Sustainability is held back by concerns around trust, privacy and confidentiality, as the available material data is often not accessible, proprietary or incomplete.
Circularise enables supply chain actors to share sensitive data without risking privacy and confidentiality.

To improve Resource Use, Verify Provenance, Conduct Carbon Footprint and Impact Assessments to unlock the potential of Circular Economy business models and to drive worldwide adoption.

The Circularise Mission

Our Values
We value privacy, transparency and sustainability. We do not feel that anyone should be the central authority of new transparent and circular supply chains.

That’s why we choose a public blockchain to support equality and trust among all supply chain actors.
Our mission
We created Circularise to radically shift the global economy to the circular model. We want to make it easier and more secure for people and organizations to exchange information about products and materials needed for sustainable living.
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The team

Meet the leadership team of Circularise

Portrait Jordi de Vos
Jordi de vos
Jordi is an early Blockchain aficionado, responsible for commercial collaborations, investments and financial management to grown the business
Portrait Mesbah Sabur
Mesbah Sabur
Mesbah is responsible for translating his vision into product and business development
Portrait Phil Brown
Phil Brown
VP Biz Dev & Strategy
With a PHD on Circular Economy Phil has over 10 years of experience and expertise
Rudi Araújo
Tech Lead (Smart Questioning)
Senior dev with 15+ years of experience; previously worked at
Adrien Rahier
Tech Lead (Saas Product)
 Senior dev with 8+ years of experience; previously worked at the BBC
Alejandro Aristi
Business Developer
Loes Börger
Loes Börger
UX/UI Designer
Sharvan Debi-Tewari
Software Engineer
Etsuko Kaneteka
Regional Representative (Japan)
Igor Konstantinov
Growth Marketing Lead
Teresa Oberhauser
EU Project Lead
Brian Smits
Business Development Manager

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