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Circularise was founded by Mesbah and Jordi, who embarked on a mission to propel the world towards a circular economy. Their journey began in 2016, following visits to several recycling facilities in the Netherlands. During their visits, they discovered that countless products intended for recycling actually ended up incinerated or, even worse, tossed into landfills. The reason behind this was a lack of knowledge about the products' composition. Questions related to the materials used, their origin, and their potential hazards remained unanswered. This revelation sparked the inception of Circularise — a company built on the pillars of transparency, sustainability and innovation.

The founders recognised that increasing supply chain transparency and enhancing data exchange using digital product passports would enable sustainable practices on a global scale. Developing a digital product passport platform for a circular economy necessitates a diverse and inclusive team. Over the years, Circularise has grown from merely two founders to a strong team of more than forty individuals representing over twenty nationalities. These team members bring their unique perspectives and experiences to the table, united by a common purpose. As Circularise continues to expand, we remain on the lookout for talented, inquisitive minds eager to join in our quest to revolutionise sustainability and bring circular economy to most complex supply chains.

What you'll get

Benefit from mental healthcare support

We prioritise mental well-being and provide comprehensive support to our employees. Our benefits include access to confidential counseling, mental health workshops, and self-care tools. Join our team and thrive in a work environment that truly values your well-being.

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Pick perks that resonate with you

We offer a competitive salary, 25 paid vacation days, travel allowance, annual learning and development budget, team driven celebrations, home office budget, state of the art MacBook, stock options and much more.

Enjoy freedom and flexibility

Headquartered in The Hague, Netherlands, our global team enjoys the flexibility of working from home or the office. The job at Circularise comes with a high level of autonomy and responsibility. We also accommodate flexible working hours as long as it works for you, your team and the wider business.

Join an inclusive and diverse culture

We at Circularise hire people from diverse backgrounds, committed to equal opportunity without regard to race, colour, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, or any other characteristic protected by law. Evaluating individuals based on skill and merit, we continuously work to build an inclusive and diverse culture.

Team highlights

What our team thinks of working at Circularise

Maria Leon
Maria Leon
EU Project Manager

"When I discovered Circularise, its values immediately resonated with me. Joining the team provided exciting opportunities to work on complex EU projects, maintaining ambition while staying grounded. Circularise emphasises balance, self-care, and healthy work-life integration, enabling me to contribute, excel, and collaborate on impactful projects."

Rudi Arujo
Rudi Araújo
Tech Lead

"Having built software for over 15 years, I felt it was time to apply my skills in solving an urgent complex real-world problem. What I found in Circularise was a team of highly motivated and skilled people, who are working on a solution that will have a strongly positive impact on the world. I am excited to be part of this journey and to help Circularise grow into a successful company."

Alesha wong
Alesha Wong
Business Developer

"I decided to join Circularise because the company is all about purpose-driven work and professional growth, not to mention how diverse and talented the team is. The work environment is fast-paced and the hierarchy is flat, so it's all about taking initiative, which I absolutely love. It's such an enjoyable experience working with over 40 people from 20 different nationalities."

From candidate to colleague: how it looks


Begin your journey at Circularise by applying for a position that genuinely interests and excites you.


We will screen your CV and motivation letter to find the best candidates.

Intro call
Intro call

Next, our people department will reach out to you to set up a short intro call.

technical assessment
Technical assessment

Depending on the role you will be required to go through one or two technical assessments.

cultural fit interview
Cultural fit interview

A cultural fit interview allows both you and us to assess whether your values, work style, and personality are compatible with the company culture.

reference check
Reference check

Before finalising the job offer, we will conduct a reference check with your previous managers or colleagues further reinforcing your suitability for the role and fit within Circularise.

Meeting with a founder
Meeting with a founder

At this stage you will meet with one of our founders, providing you with valuable insights into the company's vision, values, and expectations.

Kudos - you got the job

Congratulations - you will receive a job offer that outlines the specifics of your new position, including salary, benefits, and start date.

join our team

Join our team

We don’t only hire people like us, we look for diversity of thought and experience. We hire for skills relevant for the job, not just intelligence. We discover undervalued talents including minorities.

When you start working at Circularise you'll start off with a general on-boarding where we will teach you everything you need to know about us, our story, our product and your colleagues. As soon as you start working, we expect you to be hands-on and fairly autonomous, with an entrepreneurial mentality. Learning by doing is our motto.

Facts and figures

At Circularise, we like to do things differently. We collaborate and learn from each other and we aren’t afraid to fail. We approach everything with an open mind and like to surprise the industry.

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7 years

For the past seven years, we've been dedicated to transforming supply chains into traceable and circular systems, promoting sustainability and transparency.

40+ team mates

Since its inception, Circularise has experienced significant growth and expansion, starting as a small founding team of just five individuals. Today, we are proud to have a talented workforce of over 40 people, each bringing their unique perspectives and experiences.

20+ nationalities

We strive in a diverse and inclusive environment with over 20 nationalities with colleagues speaking over 23 languages. This vibrant diversity has been instrumental in shaping our innovative, collaborative, and inclusive company culture.

facts and figures
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Want to know more?

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Notice to recruiters, agencies, and staffing companies

Agencies are hereby specifically directed not to contact Circularise employees directly in an attempt to present candidates – Circularise's recruiting team or other authorised Circularise personnel must present all candidates to hiring managers.