Notice to recruiters, agencies & staffing companies

Circularise B.V. and its affiliates (“Circularise”) has an internal recruiting department. Agencies are hereby specifically directed not to contact Circularise employees directly in an attempt to present candidates – Circularise's recruiting team or other authorised Circularise personnel must present ALL candidates to hiring managers.

To protect the interests of all parties, Circularise will not accept unsolicited resumes from any source other than directly from a candidate. Any unsolicited resumes sent to Circularise, including unsolicited resumes sent to a Circularise mailing address or email address, directly to Circularise employees will be considered Circularise property. Circularise will not pay a fee for any placement resulting from the receipt of an unsolicited resume. Circularise will consider any candidate for whom an Agency has submitted an unsolicited resume to have been referred by the Agency free of any charges or fees.

Agencies must obtain advance written approval from Circularise's People department to submit resumes, and then only in conjunction with a valid fully-executed contract for service and in response to a specific job opening. Circularise will not pay a fee to any Agency that does not have such an agreement in place.

Agency agreements will only be valid if in writing and signed by an authorised signatory of Circularise or his/her designee. No other Circularise employee is authorised to bind Circularise to any agreement regarding the placement of candidates by Agencies. Circularise hereby specifically rejects, and denies any liability under, any agreement purporting to be accepted based on negative consent, negotiation with a candidate, performance, or any means other than the signature of an authorised employee.

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Government Affairs Manager

Senior Full Stack (Python) Software Engineer

Senior Growth Marketer