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December 20, 2023
60 minutes

Get ready for ISCC EU audit

Roland Kok
Owner of Route to Market

How the EU's RED II regulation is shaping the future of sustainable biofuels?

Navigating the complexities of ISCC EU certification in this industry is far from easy. The European regulation promotes the use of energy from renewable sources. It focuses on ensuring that the fuels are produced sustainably and that GHG emissions savings are sufficient.

While the ISCC EU certification is a must to make your company RED II compliant, it requires solid preparation to successfully pass the audit. You also need to get ready for the next step – RED III is on its way.

We are fully aware of all the challenges that ISCC EU certification presents to innovators in the biofuel industry. That is why we have decided to make this special webinar. This event with industry expert Roland Kok, owner of Route to Market, will help you prepare for the ISCC EU audit.

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