Traceability with digital product passports

Circularise helps you understand your entire product lifecycle using digital product passports. Brands and OEMs across automotive, electronics, and aerospace industries partner with Circularise to gain traceability and transparency in their supply chains based on trustworthy, audited data coming directly from suppliers.
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Blockchain-powered transparency

Champion circularity and rise to the forefront of sustainability

Assess the true impact of your products

Have a detailed record of your product's origin, material composition, and LCA with trustworthy data from your suppliers, instead of using inaccurate estimates and calculators.

Comply with regulations

Leverage Circularise's digital product passports to efficiently report crucial sustainability performance indicators and expedite the auditing process. Share vital data on your product's carbon footprint, social impact, and safety information to ensure compliance with relevant regulations and certifications.

Increase customer loyalty

Consumers will choose companies they trust. Offer proof that supports your sustainability claims to foster enduring relationships and enhance your brand reputation, ultimately boosting customer loyalty.

Embrace circularity

Establish circular material flows to unlock value through service, repair, and remanufacturing models by leveraging digital product passports. Drive your brand towards a more sustainable and resource-efficient future.

Example of Samsonite digital product passports

Reliable product insights with connected data

Customer facing
Consumer-facing product passports

Select the information to share publicly with your customers to deliver an improved customer experience and tell your the story of your products.

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life cycle
Life cycle assessment

Calculate accurate life cycle assessments and product carbon footprints, so you can make sustainability claims with confidence.

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Traceability tools

Gain cradle-to-cradle visibility of where your products come from, what they are made of, and their environmental impacts.

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How digital product passports are being used

Collect accurate product carbon footprint data

  • Reliable PCF based on primary data
  • Track your progress towards your sustainability goals
  • Make claims backed by trusted data to avoid greenwashing
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Comply with regulations and standards

  • Consolidate all product data for compliance
  • Streamline audits
  • Harmonise data in your industry
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Certifications mobile

Implement a product as a service model

  • Unlock recurring revenue
  • Connect information throughout the value chain
  • Make product repairs and returns easy
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Kettle circularity

Achieve visibility beyond tier 1 suppliers

  • Gain visibility across the product lifecycle
  • Understand your products sourcing composition and origins
  • Setup repair and return services
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Sourcing composition

Differentiate your products with verifiable claims

  • Prove the sustainability of your products
  • Showcase your product specifications and sourcing origin
  • Align with industry standards
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Case study

Achieving visibility into the Porsche supply chain


Environmental, social, and due diligence requirements are mounting, but achieving this is impossible with an opaque supply chain. The scale and complexity of automotive supply chains creates a sizeable challenge, and data privacy requirements makes data collection a delicate matter.


Porsche was able to gather more information directly from their suppliers for a variety of different parts while alleviating privacy concerns using our selective data sharing technology. This allows Porsche to better understand where parts come from, what's their environmental impact, and how to most efficiently process end-of-life vehicles.

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