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Digital twins to business models in the electronics sector

As part of the C-SERVEES consortium, Circularise is driving the adoption of circular business models in the electronics sector.

Electronics waste is not only an environmental issue but is also a huge loss of valuable materials. The hurdle to capturing the value in electronic waste lies with a lack of effective information transfer. Efficiently processing complex products at end of life requires key data on product composition. However providing this information is no small task given the quantity, diversity and complexity of electronic products. This is where Circularise stepped in.

To support the development of new circular business models in C-SERVEES, Circularise contributed our secure solution for information exchange in the electronics sector value chains. This comes in three aspects:

  1. The digital twin system allows suppliers and manufacturers to create an immutable digital record containing key product information which moves with the physical products through the supply chain.
  2. Smart Questioning allows companies to selectively share key insights with particular value chain partners. For example this means that end of life processors can obtain all the information they need to efficiently process electronics and get maximum value from the waste. But due to the encryption technology used, no sensitive information is publicly shared, data access is party-specific, and insights being shared cannot be forged or tampered with.
  3. An API integration then allows this technology to connect with existing ERP systems and other software to ensure maximal automation and avoid creating any extra work to achieve the overall benefit of supply chain transparency.

More information can be found on the outcomes of the C-SERVEES project here or contact us to learn more about implementing a supply chain traceability solution at your company.

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