Trace your materials from source to product

Circularise facilitates a shift to a circular economy by digitising and tracing materials across complex supply chains on a public blockchain without risking confidentiality.
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It shouldn't be hard to show your sustainability efforts

Supplier and Manufacturer
Don’t sacrifice data privacy for increased transparency

Openly sharing data can put businesses at risk. Circularise helps suppliers make material information easily accessible to customers and regulators, without sharing sensitive and proprietary material composition information.

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oem and brand owner
Make sustainability claims backed by trustworthy data

Don’t put your trust in self-reporting. Access real material information coming from your suppliers to improve sustainability and compliance, and meet regulatory requirements and customer demand.

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Case study

How Porsche traces materials using Circularise

By digitising materials Circularise was able to create a digital thread through the whole supply chain, enabling material traceability, tracking the CO2 footprint and other sustainability metrics.
Circularise X Porsche app

Why creating transparent and sustainable supply chains is important


80% of a company’s overall greenhouse gas emissions footprint comes from its supply chains.

Source: Global Supply Chain Report, CPD


Using technology for material traceability reduce costs by up to 20% through accurate insights, and reduced fines from regulatory non-conformities.

Source: Team Analysis, Accenture


EU Commission raises climate ambition and proposes 55% cut in emissions by 2030.

Source: EU Commissions


Consumers are willing to pay up to 10% more for products from companies that provide greater supply chain transparency.

Source: MIT Management School
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Press release

Circularise and Marubeni Introduce Blockchain for Sustainable Material Sourcing to Japan

The Hague, The Netherlands, February 9, 2021

How an Open Protocol on blockchain benefits an entire industry

Standardisation for a Circular Economy
A standard protocol for product and material digitisation is essential to create an ecosystem of connected products and data to power the circular economy.
Data Privacy & Confidentiality
Circularise’s Open Protocol for Supply Chain Transparency is built on blockchain. It allows supply chain actors to effectively and securely share — and trust — information while maintaining data privacy.
No Central Authority
No one participant has control over the data in a public blockchain. Everyone is incentivised to do the right thing for the betterment of the network. There is no need for intermediaries.
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Join ambitious businesses

With the help of Circularise, as well as with the help of their partners we were able to trace for a number of specific cases plastics from raw material production to the final car.
Circularise helps us to maintain this confidentiality and only disclose the information needed from raw material producer to recycler. And with that, we can close the loop.
Circularise Plastics is building a data-exchange protocol with privacy at its heart, which we believe is a smart strategy as privacy concern is what often refrains companies from becoming more transparent.”

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