ISCC mass balance bookkeeping automation software

Manage balances for all sites, automate mass balance reporting, and gain in-depth insight, all from one place with MassBalancer.
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Mass balance record management software
Mass balance approach

Smart and secure bookkeeping tool for ISCC EU and PLUS mass balance

Automate mass balance bookkeeping

Bookkeeping using spreadsheets can lead to costly mistakes. MassBalancer helps you to allocate incoming materials using pre-defined processes and conversion factors without the risk of over-allocation. Send products and generate sustainability declarations in a few clicks.

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Manage everything in one place

Stop using many different spreadsheets for mass balance bookkeeping. With MassBalancer you can easily manage balances for all sites and units from one dashboard.

Seamlessly transfer products between companies

Connect to other actors in a supply chain to speed up the bookkeeping process, create a standard format of reporting and aid the auditing process.

Automate mass balance bookkeeping

Certification support software for ISCC certification


Manage all biofuel products and feedstock records from a single dashboard with MassBalancer. Easily generate proofs of sustainability for your customers and audit reports, including all necessary supporting documents and GHG emissions.


MassBalancer helps you to manage sustainable materials using your pre-defined processes and conversion factors without the risk of over-allocation. Manage your feedstocks, send products, and generate sustainability declarations in a few clicks.


How to do mass balance bookkeeping at scale

A video explanation

After a successful pilot with leading companies Asahi Kasei, Arçelik, Borealis, EVBox, Itochu, Marubeni, Neste, Philips Domestic Appliances, and Shell, we recently launched our newest product MassBalancer, the mass balance bookkeeping automation software for companies that are currently certified with ISCC PLUS, or are preparing to do so.

MassBalancer is an automated solution for mass balance bookkeeping that is able to accommodate complex, multi-tiered supply chains in a scalable, more accurate way. It allows you to manage multiple sites and units in one place, and can be used by anyone along the supply value chain in the plastics and petrochemicals industry.

Why Circularise

Save time with the power of
the Circularise platform

The mass balance approach requires accurate and scalable bookkeeping to prove sustainability claims. Companies can try to build a complicated mass balance accounting software themselves, or they can achieve better results quickly with MassBalancer.


Have a clear overview of mass balance bookkeeping records and granular data on each site or unit. Automatically generate quarterly and annual reports in pdf format, with all of the associated sustainability declarations in a zip file.


Setup a bookkeeping system tailored to the ISCC mass balance approach. Use our API to integrate and automate MassBalancer into your organisation’s ERP (e.g. SAP) or data lake and build a scalable system from day one.


Design, save, and execute custom workflows for sustainable material management, making your sustainability journey more efficient and effortless. Experience convenience with our user-friendly interface, designed to make complex operations feel like a breeze.


Generate sustainability declarations linked to orders and automatically update material balances, without the risk of double spending. When you receive a proof of sustainability from a supplier using Circularise, your material balance will be automatically updated.

Supply chain actors

Built with the entire supply chain in mind

Materials Supply
Material suppliers
Ensure your sustainable material claims are used correctly downstream.
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Setup automatic process operations and reduce the risk of double spending.
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Brand and Oems
Brands & OEMs
Achieve visibility beyond tier 1 to make sustainability claims with confidence.
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Case study

Digitising the ISCC PLUS mass balance certification processes


The ISCC PLUS scheme provides a reliable assurance of recycled and bio-based materials. But the administrative processes that come with the certification are time consuming and risk human-error.


By digitising the mass balance bookkeeping process, supply chain actors were able to automate these manual processes and prevent the risk of over-allocation. Digitisation also provided greater material traceability while also strengthening the reliability of the certification.

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