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ISCC PLUS mass balance bookkeeping automation software

Manage balances for all sites, automate mass balance reporting, and gain in-depth insight, all from one place with MassBalancer.
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Why MassBalancer

Smart and secure bookkeeping for ISCC PLUS mass balancing certification

Automated mass balance bookkeeping
Bookkeeping using spreadsheets can lead to costly mistakes. MassBalancer helps you to allocate incoming materials using pre-defined processes and conversion factors without the risk of over-allocation. Send products and generate Sustainability Declarations in a few clicks.
Automated mass balance reporting
Mass balance reporting can be a large administrative burden for your team. With MassBalancer you can automate quarterly mass balance reporting and get a clear overview of your  balances.
Manage everything in one place
Stop using many different spreadsheets for mass balance bookkeeping. With MassBalancer you can easily manage balances for all sites and units from one dashboard.
Seamless product transfer between companies
Connect to other actors in a supply chain to speed up the bookkeeping process, create a standard format of reporting and aid the auditing process.
ERP integration 
Setup a scalable system tailored to ISCC PLUS mass balance approach and use our API to integrate and automate MassBalancer into your organisation’s ERP (e.g. SAP).

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Setup a scalable bookkeeping process without complicated spreadsheets

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Archive of spreadsheets
Everything in one dashboard
Archive of spreadsheets
Everything in one dashboard
Case study

Digitising the ISCC PLUS mass balance certification processes

The aim of the project was to investigate how a blockchain infrastructure, such as the Circularise software platform, could be used to bring benefit to the entire ISCC PLUS value chain.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know our technology raises a lot of questions, we provided an answer to the ones we get the most below. Don’t see your question in here? Please do not hesitate to

contact us.
What is MassBalancer software?

MassBalancer is a bookkeeping automation software for mass balance certification, which eliminates the need for a matrix of spreadsheets. Manage mass balance material receival and transfer for your entire business from one place.

How much is MassBalancer?

MassBalancer pricing scales with software functionality, business size, and scale of mass balance operations. Contact us to learn more about software package options.

Is MassBalancer secure and where is my data stored?

As an enterprise SaaS, data in MassBalancer is stored in the cloud which is encrypted at rest and in transfer using tried and tested cryptography. We can also offer on-premise / self-host options for more control over your own data (contact us for more details).

How is MassBalancer setup at my business?

Contact us to get setup, once you have your account you can access the dashboard through any internet browser, you will be able to setup your process units within the business, define your operational processes, and start trading products.

How is data entered into the system?

If your supplier is also using MassBalancer then the data will be automatically entered on your books. If not, data from incoming sustainability declarations can be manually entered on the software dashboard.

How do I send a sustainability declaration to my customer?

Use the dashboard to process materials according to your processes, then send products to your customer including an auto-generated sustainability declaration. Your material balances will then be automatically updated on your books.

How does MassBalancer sync with our ERP system?

We have an API available to connect MassBalancer with your ERP system. We offer full professional services to help you integrate MassBalancer into your internal IT infrastructure.

Is MassBalancer only for ISCC PLUS bookkeeping?

Currently MassBalancer is only designed for the reporting requirements of ISCC PLUS certification. Compatibility with other mass balance certification schemes is coming soon. Contact us to learn more about compatibility with your certification requirements.

How does MassBalancer connect with other Circularise traceability software?

MassBalancer is one module of the circularise supply chain traceability software. MassBalancer is focused on bookkeeping for the mass balance chain of custody model, and our wider traceability software platform is used when companies wish to gain greater visibility into the supply chain. This is achieved by sharing other types of data with the value chain using digital product passports. So if you start using MassBalancer and wish to explore adding other aspects of supply chain traceability, they can then be added to your software package.

Is MassBalancer an ISCC compliant tool?

MassBalancer has been developed to comply with ISCC PLUS principles and reporting standards.

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