Transition to a Circular economY

High quantities of valuable materials are being discarded every day and even though we already have the technology to recycle, still there is no efficient way of identifying and sorting waste streams. Our current recycling efforts do turn scrap into new materials, but these are of a lower quality than the input. We cannot use these secondary raw materials for the same purposes as the original. More importantly, in the long run we simply cannot continue the way we, as a society, have been producing our goods and services. What we need is to move from the linear system towards a circular one. Meaning that we maintain, repair, refurbish and in the end recycle products so that the materials that are used to produce these products would stay in the loop.

Our Mission and Vision


Making transparency and communication in circular value chains possible by utilising blockchain and zero-knowledge proof.


It is our goal to overcome the communication barrier that is limiting current and future progress towards a sustainable economic model: the circular economy.

What we DO

In essence we are developing a blockchain‑based communication protocol called “smart questioning” to promote value chain transparency without public disclosure of datasets or supply chain partners.