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June 29, 2023
60 minutes

How DPPs can prevent greenwashing in global supply chains

Chris Stretton
Product Marketer @ Circularise

This webinar explores the role of Digital Product Passports (DPPs) in preventing greenwashing within global supply chains, recognizing the indispensability of traceability for environmental and social sustainability.

Claims made regarding sustainable materials, fair trade, chemical usage, and climate neutrality frequently lack substantial evidence, raising concerns about authenticity.

DPPs emerge as a powerful tool to address these challenges by providing comprehensive and standardized records of a product's lifecycle. By leveraging DPPs, companies can start mowing towards:

  1. establishing transparent supply chains,
  2. enabling verification of claims
  3. substantiating their commitment to sustainability.

Through enhanced traceability, DPPs empower stakeholders to hold businesses accountable, foster trust, and drive real progress toward a more sustainable future. Learn more about how DPPs can prevent greenwashing in global supply chains during our next webinar led by Chris Stretton!

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