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September 21, 2023
60 minutes

Revolutionising foam recycling: Circular Foam project participants round-table

Engage in stimulating conversations with industry partners and experts around the circularity of PU Foams for construction and appliances, related to the Circular Foam project from the EU Commission.

We will debate:

  1. the feasibility of closing the loop in the value chain of polyurethane (PU) foam through innovative recycling processes;
  2.  how to optimize recycling efforts with data-driven strategic collaboration;
  3. what are the main challenges on the way to PU circularity and how the digitalisation allow us to overcome them? 

Witness how Circularise, in partnership with 22 other Circular Foam participants, is spearheading a blockchain-based traceability solution to communicate production process data, revolutionising the recycling landscape.

Ideal for supply chain stakeholders in the chemical, construction, and appliance sectors, this webinar will explore the potential of digital product passports. 

This webinar will run in a round-table format where the key issues around foam recycling will be raised and addressed from different points of view.

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