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March 30, 2023
60 minutes

What data goes into a digital product passport?

Chris Stretton
Growth Marketer @ Circularise

Providing detailed information about products in the digital product passport allows manufacturers and retailers to share relevant information with customers, auditors, and regulators. Companies are able to provide proof to back up sustainability claims about their sustainable products and services. This is our future that starts now!

This webinar defines what information goes into a digital product passport, based on new regulations such as the EU Ecodesign Directive and the EU Battery Regulation. Combined with the findings of various initiatives and pilots focusing on digital product passports.

The best way to stay compliant with these regulations and benefit from this trend is to create a vision and outline the steps for setting up a digital product passport.

Join Chris Stretton from Circularise to get to know how to do this!

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