Case Study

City of Amsterdam tracks environmental impact of construction procurement

As part of the Amsterdam Circular Strategy, the City has set clear targets to halve the use of new raw materials by 2030 and to become a fully circular city by 2050. These targets bring challenges to the table when it comes to managing MKI-data (environmental costs calculation, focusing on CO2 emissions) from their construction procurement.
Video source: Startup in Residence Amsterdam

This video from the Start-up in Residency program outlines how Circularise partnered with the City of Amsterdam to increase traceability and transparency throughout their construction procurement process.

During this project Circularise joins forces with a concrete product company and a company that recycles workwear into polymer infrastructure elements. Circularise’s software solution ensures that both of these materials are traced end-to-end throughout the supply chain and that information can be shared without risking sensitive data. This supports the goal of the City of Amsterdam to create a standard for gathering procurement environmental impact insights from the upstream supply chain, without compromising confidential data of anyone involved.

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