Circularise Joins Global Battery Alliance to Accelerate the Development of Battery Passports

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The Hague, June 6th, 2023 - Circularise, a blockchain company that develops digital product passports to drive traceability and sustainability in supply chains, is proud to announce its membership in the Global Battery Alliance (GBA), which brings together more than 140 organizations to establish a sustainable battery value chain. 

As the number of electric vehicles (EVs) on our roads continues to rise, the need for sustainable batteries has become ever more pressing. To address this, the EU will require all manufacturers of EV and industrial batteries to have a battery passport starting in 2026. The passport must include Information “on the origin, composition, repair, and disassembly options of a product as well as how the various components can be recycled.” Following the EU’s lead, Japan is introducing a disclosure requirement for EV battery CO2 emissions in 2024. At the same time, the USA's Inflation Reduction Act already requires a record of a battery’s production history and composition. 

Circularise is a leading provider of secure digital product passports for the automotive, metals, plastics, and other industries. The company’s software collects and exchanges data on the material provenance, the battery’s chemical composition, manufacturing history, and its sustainability performance, ensuring compliance with environmental and social standards. Circularise is a leader of the CSyARES consortium which aims to increase transparency across the REE supply chains. 

Circularise's co-founder, Mesbah Sabur, expressed his enthusiasm about this membership, stating, "Tracing batteries is a complex problem that no organization can solve alone. We are excited to join forces with the Global Battery Alliance and help all 140 members with our knowledge about digital product passports and the circular economy that we have gained over the last seven years."

In 2023, Global Battery Alliance launched a battery passport proof of concept. By joining GBA, Circularise will provide its expertise in traceability and interoperability to the global battery community to securely exchange trusted data among all battery lifecycle stakeholders.

"We are delighted to welcome Circularise into the Global Battery Alliance to drive our shared vision of circularity, environmental protection, and sustainable development with battery passports as a key instrument," commented Inga Petersen, Executive Director of the Global Battery Alliance.

About Circularise 

Circularise is a provider of digital product passports and mass balance bookkeeping software. The company was founded in The Netherlands in 2016. Circularise’s software system helps suppliers in the chemical, plastic, metal, and other industries to trace materials and share their environmental footprint without risking their sensitive data. By extension, this process helps brands gain visibility into their Scope 3 emissions and other metrics, which is aligned with the regulatory push around Digital Product Passports, the SEC’s proposed climate risk disclosure rules, and the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive. 

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About Global Battery Alliance 

The Global Battery Alliance (GBA) is a public-private collaboration platform founded in 2017 at the World Economic Forum to help establish a sustainable battery value chain by 2030. The GBA brings together leading international organizations, NGOs, industry actors, academics, and governments in a pre-competitive approach, driving systemic change along the entire value chain. Incubated by the World Economic Forum in 2017 until its independence in 2021, the Alliance is designed to encourage members to work together to achieve the goals set out in the GBA 2030 Vision and agree to the Ten GBA Guiding Principles. The GBA’s multi-stakeholder governance structure aims to ensure inclusivity in decision-making and strategic focus. The Alliance’s Action Partnerships provide a collaborative platform for members to pool their expertise to achieve the shared goals of circularity, environmental protection, and sustainable development.

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