Webinar recordings
July 25, 2023
60 minutes

Smart and secure blockchain traceability solutions for circular economy

Dr. Shyaam Ramkumar
Head of Growth Strategy @ Circularise

As companies face increasing pressure from regulators and consumers to adopt more sustainable and circular manufacturing practices, many are recognizing the importance of tracking and tracing their entire value chain in order to:

  1. verify the sourcing of sustainable materials
  2. ensure the proper disposal of products
  3. increase the efficiency of material recovery and the reduction of waste

- all of which are necessary to comply with each of the nearly 450 active environmental labels worldwide.

However, challenges lie in obtaining supply chain information due to limited visibility beyond Tier 1 or Tier 2 partners and communicating this data without jeopardizing privacy, sensitive IP, or competitive advantage. Circularise has developed a unique digital traceability solution to address these challenges.

Join our new webinar to learn how our patented technology using the public blockchain can enable the smart and secure exchange of data necessary to enable supply chains to achieve their sustainability and circular economy goals and communicate this progress in a verifiable manner to relevant stakeholders.

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