The Circularise Protocol

A protocol that facilitates the knowledge transfer required for a circular economy to function. Circularise utilises a combination of blockchain, peer-to-peer technology and cryptographic techniques like Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs) to build a decentralised information storage and communication platform. The goal is to allow information exchange between participants in value chains while allowing them to remain anonymous and fine-tune the amount of information they want to disclose, and who can access it.



The Circularise protocol addresses four important challenges that businesses face when taking steps towards greater transparency:

PainPoints_data fragmentation.png

Product data is fragmented

Many stakeholders own pieces of information, no single stakeholder has all the information. Alice knows the recipe of a material, Bob knows the bill of materials of a part, Charly knowns the list of parts of an assembly, et cetera.


Supply chain is a secret

The exact shape and network of supply chains are often not transparent and even kept secret, for it is complex and secrecy benefits middlemen.


Required data is unknown

It is often not known what information is required precisely, as the final destination of materials are subject to a dynamic environment and future innovations/criteria in reverse logistics are unknown.


Centralization is unwanted

Stakeholders are not keen on openly sharing information and/or trusting a central party, as it may pose a risk to their competitive advantage.




A distributed way to communicate trusted answers to critical questions without having to hare your data, identity and position.

Smart Questioning - Light3.png

Smart Questioning

Smart Questioning technology enables stakeholders to ask questions about a product and receive trusted answers, basing answers on data that has never been viewed, accessed or shared with anyone. Our implementation of zero-knowledge changes the risk from losing your competitiveness to an asset: collaborative advantage!