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Integration Lead to Join us & Accelerate the World’s Transition to a Circular Economy 

Can you see yourself taking your next career step to a position where you can build valuable things from scratch, your own future team included? Do you want to build a career in a business that will be one of the biggest in the future – the Circular Economy? 

At Circularise, we are looking for our first Integration Lead. You would join our team in a role that is critically important for our mission and growth journey as a scale up business accelerating the Circular Economy. 

If you are someone who 

  • - speaks fluent tech (but perhaps the last time you wrote code was 10 years ago?), 
  • - enjoys working in the customer interface, 
  • has gained extensive knowledge from the field of integrations, and 
  • - has a burning passion for growing and creating something valuable to the world, keep on reading!

Your future Company

Circularise is a supply chain traceability start-up founded in The Netherlands in 2016. We believe that end-to-end traceability holds the key to overcoming major challenges that society faces in areas such as Circular Economy, Environmental Pollution and Carbon Emissions. Therefore, it’s our mission to bring traceability to global supply chains and to accelerate world’s transition to a Circular Economy.

Circularise is disrupting industries by changing how companies trace their products and materials and share information about them, enabling sustainable practices at an unprecedented level. We achieve that with a blockchain-based open protocol that enables sharing of information about products and materials while retaining privacy over sensitive information.

We are not your typical startup and would love to invite you to get involved. You can learn more about Circularise at or check out our whitepaper.

How will you be able to make such a big impact in this role?

In the integration space, you will be the first to join us and build our team's ability to produce high-quality integrations between our own SaaS and our customers' software systems. 

Actually, the integrations you would work on ensure the effectiveness of our entire business idea: at Circularise we build software that removes data silos and increases transparency in supply chain information transmission and material traceability. We believe that end-to-end traceability holds the key to overcoming major challenges that today’s society faces in areas such as Circular Economy, Environmental Pollution and Carbon Emissions. 

Leveraging our software through these integrations is an important part of our customers' strategic goals, too. Usually, our customers are high-impact enterprise companies in the chemical space. They operate at some point of the supply chain of, for example, the oil, car or battery industry. 

By integrating their software systems to ours, they can ensure they remain compliant with different regulations, and have access to quality data so they can make better informed decisions. Ultimately this helps our customers to reach their sustainability targets, increase recyclability and circulation of materials. What is more, this is very important to high-value brands as well: how to back up their statements and create trust with their consumers? With our software, the brands can create transparency in their sustainability statements upstream the supply chain, and communicate about them openly.

Want to learn more? Watch this video about our customer, Porsche’s case study using Circularise’s SaaS

Therefore, integrations play an important role for our entire mission. In this role, you essentially help our customers to bring traceability to global supply chains and to accelerate the world's transition to a Circular Economy.

Key responsibilities in this role

In this role, you will take responsibility for the implementation of the integration solutions: managing the integration of the Circularise tools into third party systems such as ERPs or any other supply chain related software. You will work closely with our customers’ IT Technicians and Enterprise Architects – building good relationships with them and managing contracts related to the integration activities. 

You will also work closely in collaboration with our own Backend, Ops, and Security engineers – tracking the change requirements and translating them into tasks for our team. Our own team works in a very autonomous way – enjoying working on complex and challenging topics, and rolling up their sleeves in our fast-paced startup environment.

Highly knowledgeable about Circularise’s API functioning, our customers’ needs and the business requirements, you would take care of:

  • - Designing, developing, and modifying software systems integrations plans, using industry best practices and bringing your insights on these

- Writing and deploying scalable and robust integration scripts

  • - Directing software system integration or data flow testing and validation procedures, programming, and documentation

- Developing and maintaining data integration components

  • - Keeping track of the integration projects

- Building your own integrations team of skilled experts in the future

Why join the Circularise team in this role?

It is surely an exciting time for you to join us! But another reason would be our team. We are a truly culturally open and diverse organization. Our team members are an extremely diverse group of people from over 23 different countries, speaking even more different languages. We assure you, your future team members have so many interesting stories you can learn from. We would describe ourselves as a hungry, humble and smart bunch. Hungry to do, learn and create an impact. 

Read more about what your future colleagues Laura and Nabil say about working with us.

With us you have an opportunity for ESOP or VSOP so you can become an owner of the company. We also have a competitive salary; depending on experience & salary the range for this role starts at €60,000 with a maximum of €70,000. Read more about our recruitment process and benefits.

Critical hard skills you must have to succeed in this role
  • - Experience in integrating SaaS applications and implementing data workflows
  • - Experience interfacing with RESTful APIs & OAuth - - Workflows (or similar) and a strong understanding of the HTTP protocol, including methods, headers, and status codes.
  • - Proficiency in Python and at least one other programming language, such as JavaScript, TypeScript, or Go.
  • - Experience in relational databases (e.g. MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL) and no-SQL (eg.  MongoDB, Redis, Cassandra)
  • - Proficient in Linux based operating systems to build, deploy, and monitor integration artifacts (Windows additionally valuable)
  • - Basic understanding of encryption protocols and concepts (e.g., symmetric vs asymmetric encryption, SSL/TLS, AES)

We are looking forward to hearing from you! Apply to this role by 31.5.2023. Send your resume to here.

Read more about our recruitment process & basic info here

We run this recruitment process in cooperation with TalentBee. Saara will be your first point of contact and she will inform you about the stages of the process on an ongoing basis. You will hear from Saara immediately after leaving your application. If you want to ask something about the role right now, send Saara a message at

When Saara has identified a potential match between you and Circularise, here’s what happens in the process next:

  • - 15–30 min intro call with our Head of People Huwaida
  • - Case assignment to ensure your tech capabilities
  • - Panel interview to go through your profile and ways of working in detail
  • - Final meeting with one of our co-founders, Mesbah
  • - We will create a Career Growth Plan for you & how you could thrive at Circularise. This will transform into a job offer. Then, let’s start this journey together?

Everyone belongs at Circularise

We strive to hire people from all walks of life. Circularise is committed to providing equal opportunity for all employees and candidates without regard to race, colour, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, or any other characteristic protected by law. Each person is evaluated on the basis of personal skill and merit. We are continuously working hard to develop and build a culture of inclusivity & diversity.

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