Make sustainability claims backed by trustworthy data

Today consumers and regulators increasingly want to know the sustainability impact of products and services. As demand for sustainability increases, companies are held accountable not only for their own actions but also for those of their suppliers.
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Access reliable information
Get credibility and avoid greenwashing by making sustainability claims based on third party audits and certifications traced on blockchain.
Understand your environmental impact
Track the CO2 footprint and other sustainability metrics of your products at an unprecedented level of detail.
Make the information useful for the consumer
Consumers will actively choose companies they trust. Provide consumers access to information underlying your sustainability claims.

How to use our solution?

We offer several products that help you implement Digital Assets: a digital equivalent of a specific physical asset with an identical recorded mass.
Use our dashboard to easily create, maintain and transact Digital Assets without the need for an integration.
Connect your ERP system (eg. SAP) to our APIs to seamlessly manage Digital Assets and remove manual processes.
Smart Questioning
Utilise Circularise’s patent pending ‘Smart Questioning’ technology to provide insights in sustainability and other material aspects without sharing sensitive/proprietary material information.

Join ambitious businesses

With the help of Circularise, as well as with the help of their partners we were able to trace for a number of specific cases plastics from raw material production to the final car.
Circularise helps us to maintain this confidentiality and only disclose the information needed from raw material producer to recycler. And with that, we can close the loop.
Circularise Plastics is building a data-exchange protocol with privacy at its heart, which we believe is a smart strategy as privacy concern is what often refrains companies from becoming more transparent.”

You have a vision, we have a way to get you there

We know how complex supply chains can be and that it's easy to get overwhelmed. Let us help you set the first steps towards traceability and create a roadmap that meets your goals.
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