Podcast: Zero-Knowledge Proof: Circular Economy Meets Web3

Mesbah Sabur (Co-Founder of Circularise) joined Ray Chohan (Co-Founder & VP New Ventures at PatSnap) on the Frontier3 Podcast by PatSnap to talk about Circularise’s role in enabling a circular economy through supply chain transparency.

In this podcast, Mesbah explains how he realised that the lack of transparency, trust, and traceability in global supply chains is prohibiting a move towards a circular economy. He goes on to speak about and how this inspired him to build Circularise - a business focused on digitising and tracing materials throughout the supply chain.

Mesbah then explains about how circular economy will disrupt the global market, how companies can prepare, and shares more on the future of zero-knowledge proofs and why they’re needed for data sharing on a public blockchain.

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