End-to-end supply chain traceability

Circularise is the leading software platform that provides end-to-end traceability and secure data exchange for industrial supply chains.
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Connect the dots in the supply chain to create a circular economy

Audit and certificate verification and tracking
Efficient and secure data management across supply chains
Get visibility into your
Scope 3 emissions and other metrics


What you can do with Circularise

Circularise offers multiple software solutions for supply chain traceability. We have MassBalancer to automate mass balance bookkeeping and Digital Product Passports for end-to-end batch traceability.

For ISCC PLUS mass balance bookkeeping

Mass balance bookkeeping with spreadsheets is time consuming and prone to error. With MassBalancer, you can easily manage balances for all your sites, automate quarterly reports and gain in-depth insights, all from one place.

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Digital Product Passports
For suppliers and manufacturers

Openly sharing data can put suppliers’ businesses at risk. Use Circularise to digitise your supply chain and share information with customers and regulators, without risking sensitive data.

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Circularise Dashboard
For brands and OEM's

Don't put your trust in self-reporting. Gain visibility into every tier of your supply chain to access your scope 3 emissions and other data coming directly from suppliers. Use this information to improve sustainability, compliance, and meet regulatory requirements and customer demand.

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Case study

Achieving visibility into the Porsche supply chain

Supply chain transparency is key to ensuring sustainable transformation. Learn how Circularise worked with the Porsche supply chain to achieve visibility into this complex system while protecting all parties' proprietary information.  
Circularise X Porsche app

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With the help of Circularise, as well as with the help of their partners we were able to trace for a number of specific cases plastics from raw material production to the final car.
Circularise helps us to maintain this confidentiality and only disclose the information needed from raw material producer to recycler. And with that, we can close the loop.
Circularise Plastics is building a data-exchange protocol with privacy at its heart, which we believe is a smart strategy as privacy concern is what often refrains companies from becoming more transparent.”

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