Senior Product Marketing Manager

The Hague, Netherlands | Hybrid
Full time
Start date:
March 1, 2024

About the job

As a Product Marketing Manager, you will define and complete the go-to-market strategy for Circularise’s supply chain traceability platform and drive the growth and success of our products.

You'll serve as the customer's champion within our organization, but your role extends beyond that. You'll need to deeply understand our product and translate that knowledge into customer value, GTM strategies, product launches, and sales enablement materials.  

Are you a tech-savvy, customer-focused individual? Then this role is tailor-made for you. You must be an expert in product marketing and very competent in growth marketing. 

Like all roles at early-stage companies, you need to be someone who can figure out what needs to get done, make a plan, roll up their sleeves, and actually do it. And while we want someone scrappy, you also need to understand how to set goals and prioritise work across marketing.

This position is cross-functional, set in a dynamic environment, and involves collaboration with product, design, marketing, sales, and customer success teams.

About Circularise

Circularise was founded by Mesbah and Jordi, who embarked on a mission to propel the world towards a circular economy. Their journey began in 2016, following visits to several recycling facilities in the Netherlands. During these visits, they discovered that countless products intended for recycling actually ended up incinerated or, even worse, tossed into landfills. 

The reason behind this was a lack of knowledge about the products' composition. Questions related to the materials used, their origin, and their potential hazards remained unanswered. This revelation sparked the inception of Circularise — a company built on the pillars of transparency, sustainability, and innovation. The founders recognised that increasing supply chain transparency and enhancing data exchange using digital product passports would enable sustainable practices on a global scale. 

Developing a digital product passport platform for a circular economy necessitates a diverse and inclusive team. Over the years, Circularise has grown from merely two founders to a strong team of more than forty individuals representing over twenty nationalities. These team members bring their unique perspectives and experiences to the table, united by a common purpose. As Circularise continues to expand, we remain on the lookout for talented, inquisitive minds eager to join in our quest to revolutionise sustainability and bring circular economy to the most complex supply chains.

What you'll be doing at Circularise?

  • GTM: Plan and execute GTM from strategy to messaging, channel strategy, and measurement, collaborating with product, sales, and CS to successfully launch products. 
  • Positioning & Messaging Framework: Determine the challenges our audience (e.g. sustainability manager, CSO) faces and how our products (e.g. Digital Product Passport, MassBalancer) offer a solution.
  • Audience Research & Persona Development: Interview customers about their entire workflows, and create a full profile of each company type and buyer and user personas. 
  • Liaison with Product & Design Teams: Provide audience insights to the product team and collaborate to make sure the products you are marketing meet audience needs.
  • Liaison with Customer Facing Teams (Sales, Customer Success, Support): Ensure the company deeply understands the full scope of the audience’s challenges and how our products fit into their lives/workflows.
  • Competitive Analysis: Maintain a side-by-side comparison explaining how competitors solve problems for our audience.
  • Pricing & Packaging: Work with the product, and sales teams to create packages with an ideal customer persona in mind.
  • Sales Enablement Content: Develop content like slide decks, blogs, one-pagers, case studies, onboarding videos, and documentation that demonstrate how our product integrates with our audience's tool stack, simplifies understanding of our solutions, and clearly quantifies and articulates our value proposition.
  • Sales training: Equip our sales team with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively sell our products to multinational organizations.
  • Lifecycle Marketing: Create content and messaging for email drip campaigns throughout the customer lifecycle.
  • Content: Create content such as one-pagers, blog posts, website copy, and more that highlight a range of things our audience cares about.
  • Partnerships: Work with our partners on co-marketing efforts (e.g. project partners, integration, channel partners, and more).
  • Customer Marketing Strategy: Keep track of reference customers and how they succeeded with our product. Use customer advocates to tell broader stories.
  • Website: Set up proper tracking, create landing pages, follow SEO best practices, and run a/b tests to improve our website’s conversion rate.

You'll do well in this role if this describes you

Technical expertise

  • Marketing experience: At least seven (7) years of marketing experience, with a focus on product marketing and growth marketing.
  • Startup experience: Early or growth stage startup (Seed-Series C) experience. 
  • SaaS or enterprise software experience: You’ve worked at a B2B startup, preferably with a top-down or hybrid sales model. Experience in enterprise SaaS, supply chain, compliance, traceability, and/or blockchain.
  • Knowledge of the sustainability landscape: Get ready to explore topics like blockchain, manufacturing, and sustainability regulations in detail. Your task will be to turn this information into short, useful content.
  • GTM: A proven track record of successfully building and launching GTM campaigns; have participated in audience persona building, with experience crafting copy that resonates with said audience.
  • Project management: You have demonstrated your ability to deliver cross-functional projects in an efficient and agile way.
  • Customer insights: You have a proven record of leading customer interviews, and communicating findings to other teams. 
  • Writing ability: You’ve written short-form and long-form content, and can point to examples of your writing.
  • Collaboration: You have worked with Product, Sales and CS to improve organisational understanding of our customers and product through knowledge transfer.
  • Managing: Experience managing contractors, agencies, and marketers.
  • Proficiency in a full-stack of marketing tools: You must be technically adept and using a suite of different software tools should be part of your daily routine, for everything from project management, to design, and content management.
  • Interest in our product/mission-aligned/values-aligned: Knowledge of sustainability and blockchain or strong desire to learn about these topics quickly.
  • Goal setting & prioritisation: You know how to set both short-term goals and long-term goals that are used for prioritisation and focused on impact.

Skills & approach:

  • Growth mindset: You believe that you can acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed, and see every challenge as a learning opportunity.
  • Ownership: Follows through and delivers on results taking accountability for the successes and failures of projects.
  • High quality bar. You can distinguish mediocre from great and strive to deliver high quality work.
  • Experimentation mindset. You don’t just do things you’ve done before and understand the importance of testing and scaling what works.
  • Strategic and scrappy: As an early-stage company, we are still building out our product marketing function engine, you should be excited about the opportunity to get in on the ground floor. You’ll be hands on building and executing, but you’ll also need to set goals and budgets, prioritise initiatives, and report on key metrics to the Head of Marketing.

Why choose us?

  • Salary: Depending on your experience, the position offers a competitive salary package between €60,000- 70,000 gross annually, inclusive of an 8% holiday pay.
  • Equity: In addition to the salary you will get to own a piece of Circularise as we also provide a generous equity package.
  • Focus on personal development: Our objective is to nurture the growth and advancement of every team member. We offer a clearly defined career path designed to equip you with the necessary tools for your professional progression. Moreover, we conduct meticulous performance reviews every six months to ensure ongoing enhancement of skills and capabilities.
  • Positive team ambiance: Our marketing team prides itself on maintaining a positive and dynamic working environment.
  • 25 days of vacation for full-time employment.
  • Travel allowance for your commute.
  • Cultural diversity: An international environment with a diverse team of over 20 nationalities. Our development team, comprising multiple nationalities, operates across various European time zones, thereby fostering a rich, multicultural work environment.
  • Pension contribution: Circularise contributes 5% on top of your annual gross salary to your pension.
  • YourCampus benefits: When you join us, you will get access to a monthly budget which you can spend in our flexible benefits app, powered by YourCampus. 
  • Learning and development budget: Each employer is allocated a budget of €1000 to upskill themselves through programs of their choice once you have worked 6+ months.

Our recruitment process

  • An introductory call (20min) with our Head of People to get acquainted.
  • A homework assignment to evaluate your skills, coupled with a personality test to gauge your potential fit within our team. We will evaluate your results. If you pass through you will be invited to a technical interview. At the technical interview, you will present your evaluation and suggestions and we will ask you some questions. 
  • A cultural fit interview to assess if your work style aligns with our values and culture.
  • A final interview with one of our Co-Founders to determine your readiness for the challenges ahead.

Please note that we welcome interest from candidates with varying levels of experience; many successful candidates do not meet every single requirement. Additionally, studies have shown that people from underrepresented groups are less likely to apply to a job unless they meet every single qualification. If you're excited about this role, please apply and allow our recruiters to assess your application.

The base salary range for this role’s listed level is currently for residents of listed locations only. Grade level and salary ranges are determined through interviews and a review of education, experience, knowledge, skills, abilities of the applicant, equity with other team members, and alignment with market data.

Everyone belongs at Circularise

We strive to hire people from all walks of life. Circularise is committed to providing equal opportunity for all employees and candidates without regard to race, colour, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, or any other characteristic protected by law. Each person is evaluated on the basis of personal skill and merit. We are continuously working hard to develop and build a culture of inclusivity & diversity.

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